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DIY Valentine’s Cards!

February 1, 2012 / Crafts

Store bought cards are cute, fun and… overrated!  What really shows your family and friends how much you care is a Valentine made by you, straight from the heart. Make it a fun experience with your children by creating DIY Valentine’s cards.

What if you could teach your kids about recycling while making crafts? Now you can with this awesome Newspaper Valentine’s Card Idea. It’s easy, fun and educational. Yes, we said educational! Not only can you create a card with recycled paper, but also those little broken pieces of crayon. This Melted Crayon card idea is great for those cold days when you gotta stay inside. Heat up that oven and start melting.

Have you ever wanted to just shout out your feelings? Well, let your feelings pop out of your card by creating a Valentine’s Day Pop-Up Card. You’re not actually shouting, but trust us, it will get your point across.

These are just a few awesome and creative ideas we came across, but there are a lot more out there. Make it a “Green” year by making your own Valentines with your kiddos!

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