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Childrens Wall Art Comes Alive

February 17, 2012 / Fun & Favorites

How cool would your kids think you were if you could bring their art alive? I think very cool actually.

My son Junior has the biggest imagination ever. Well I guess this is normal for an 8 year old boy. If I could share all his drawings on a daily basis there would be hundreds and hundreds of pages full of his art here. Every time he draws something new I always think of how awesome it would be if it was a “live” character or something he could play with. So coming across Child’s Own Studio was as exciting as finding a five dollar bill on the sidewalk! You don’t need it but you sure do want it. Ha!

It started with a stay at home mom who had the same idea as I did. But she actually executed it! Since then not only did she make her 4 year-old boy a “recognizable comfort toy” from his own drawing; she has also made hundred more drawings come to life! She is so careful to match every detail, color, shape and pattern as close as possible, so that the child that drew it recognizes the toy as soon as they see it. “Each one is as unique as the child that drew it” is what she had to say. We believe this is true with all children’s art.

Wall art for children is a way for them to express what their little hearts would love to scream out to the world but don’t know how, other than with a crayon and marker.  “The child’s drawing, a wonderful expression of childhood, is the starting point of the collaborative project.” Giving your kiddo this extraordinary toy would allow them to be creative and know you appreciate every little picture they draw.

Now the hard part, which one of all his drawings do I choose to bring to life?!

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