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Too busy to stay on top of your New Year’s Resolution to “Get Healthy”

January 13, 2012 / Fun & Favorites

It’s 2012 and staying in shape and eating right is only getting easier. Whether it’s by tracking what you eat using a Diet App or using a nifty little Exercise App, it’s all now at the tip of your finger (literally). It’s only one week into the New Year and every other commercial and advertisement is a health program or a gym membership. Why not just give it a go and do it on your own without spending all kinds of cash.

Going for a nice walk or a jog with your baby can be done with one of these stylish strollers. The first jogging stroller came out in 1988 and those weren’t too fancy, but the 2012 B.O.B. strollers have come a long way. No excuses… You and your child can bond even in the outdoors.

  1. BOB Ironman
  2. Jeep Overland Limited
  3. Baby Jogger Performance Single
  4. BOB Revolution
  5. Jeep Liberty Limited 

Let’s take 2012 by the horns and make it one of our most healthy years!


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