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DIY Vintage Jersey Chalkboard – Recipe by Aaron Christensen

January 26, 2012 / Crafts



Whether it hosts your favorite team’s game schedule, a fan showing off school colors or a personalized homage to your son’s player number, my easy to create jersey chalkboard is a great addition to any sports bedroom.  It can be customized to support your favorite sport and team colors.  This project includes a recipe to create your own customized chalkboard paint.  Combine this unique piece with my Oopsy daisy vintage sports art and you’re set to reign as a champion sports room designer.


Aaron Christensen
www.EmbellishmentsKids.com | Aaron@EmbellishmentsKids.com


– 24 inch x 24 inch 1/2 MDF Board
– 2 cups of flat finish or matte latex paint in your choice of color
– Additional latex or craft paint for decorative stripes and accents
– 4 tablespoons of un-sanded tile grout
– 8 oz. of Dark Brown craft paint
– Mixing Container
– Disposable small roller/tray kit
– Paint brush
– Masking tape
– Optional spray adhesive
– One 80 or rough grit sanding sponge or sheet paper
– One 150 or fine grit sanding sponge or sheet paper
– Sawtooth hanger or picture frame hanging wire kit


– Jig Saw with Smooth finish blade
– Protective Goggles

This craft requires the use of power tools.  Please read and observe the safety instructions provided with your tool.  Always wear safety gear.


1. Determine your color palette and accent designs for the jersey.  Remember that chalk is only available in lighter colors so your jersey should be a darker color.  The jersey can be tailored to your favorite sport by changing the accents, stripes or details. Utilizing stencils you could also add text or numbers.

2. Download the jersey template from Jersey Project Template or http://www.embellishmentsstudio.com/embellishmentskids/JersOutAChristensen.pdf

3.Match up the nine template pieces to assemble the image and tape it together.  Either cut the template out and trace the image onto the MDF board or spray the back of the template with a light coat of spray adhesive and adhere to the MDF board.

4.Wearing goggles, use the Jig Saw to cut out the traced or adhered jersey image.  Lightly sand the edges with 150 grit sandpaper or a sanding sponge.

5.In your choice of color, paint the outside edge of the jersey.  Two coats may be necessary.  Mix 4 tablespoons of un-sanded grout with the remaining paint, being sure to smooth out any clumps.  Apply multiple coats of the grout/paint mix to the jersey using a disposable roller kit.  Allow the coats to dry between layers.

6.Once dry, using a combination of masking tape and accent colors, apply your choice of stripes or decorative details to the jersey.  Allow to dry overnight.

7.First using the 80 grit sandpaper or sponge, sand the edges of the jersey to distress it and reveal the MDF underneath.  You can also sand your painted details back to reveal either the MDF or the base paint underneath.  Re-sand those areas and the entire surface with the 150 grit sandpaper/sponge.

8.Dilute some dark brown craft paint with water until it is the consistency of a stain.  Dip a rag into the diluted paint and apply to the jersey’s edges or anywhere an antique tone is desired.

9.Allow to dry

10.Mount either a sawtooth hanger or picture hanging wire to the back of the jersey for mounting.

Condition the chalkboard by rubbing the entire surface with chalk.  Either leave some chalk residue by lightly erasing the chalk or remove it all with a damp sponge.

Personalize the jersey with numbers, names or personal messages.


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