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Darling Dreidels

December 13, 2011 / Fun & Favorites

Between sundown December 20 and sundown December 28, children everywhere will be spinning dreidels and holding their breath as they await the outcome. Why not make things even more fun with a brand-new dreidel?

This one, made out of  Legos and available on etsy, is the perfect example of an “I could totally do that myself” item that, when it comes right down to it, isn’t actually so easy to do (or maybe that’s just us). Watch your favorite Lego-lover’s eyes light up at this one.

Speaking of things we could do ourselves–here’s a  make-your-own dreidel that really does fit that bill. Just pop the pieces out and stack ’em up.

Finally, here’s an interesting mash-up: it’s a wooden space-age dreidel. Take one part metal sculpture and one part classic wooden toy and here’s the result.

This year, collecting dreidels just may be as much fun as playing them.



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