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Tough Art at the Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh

November 17, 2011 / Events

At the Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh, “child-proof” doesn’t mean kids can’t get into it (it’s a kids’ museum, not a bottle of Grandma’s blood-pressure pills). Between now and January 16, 2012, the museum presents its fifth annual Tough Art exhibition, interactive artwork that’s “tough enough to withstand kid handling.” Here’s what you’ll find:

  • The Invisible Wall by Felipe Castelblanco (connect in real time with folks in Bogota, Colombia)
  • The Honorable and Bewhiskered Herman Hibel by Zach Dorn, puppeteer (enter a tent to discover Hibel, the fascinating chimp turned performer)
  • Queen Simon & The Sommeloth by Daniel Luchman and Jennifer Myers (book and pictures of ancient travels, with ride-on Sommeloth)
  • Giant Interactive Kaleidoscope by Christina Zaris (select slides and objects to change what’s projected on the wall)

Open up this hands-on bottle of art and tell us what you think.


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