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The Countdown Begins

November 30, 2011 / Fun & Favorites

“How many more days till Santa comes?”

If you have answered that question oh, a million times already, then perhaps it’s time to invest in an advent calendar. Luckily, there seems to be an explosion of adorable choices out there. My personal favorite right now is the abacus advent calendar, which is a brilliant mash-up of child’s bead toy, a Christmas tree, and, yes, that stone-age calculator, the abacus. The result is part calendar, part toy, part sculptural art.

For book lovers, Eric Carle’s beloved Dream Snow has been adapted into a pop-up calendar that lets kids decorate a 3D tree day by day. And over on etsy, there are all sorts of interesting ways to count the days: I like the washline feel of ticking-stripe pouches or the retro look of hand-covered boxes.

How do you plan on making the days fly by?

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