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Domo Arigato

November 20, 2011 / Fun & Favorites

Looking for ways to get your tiny turkeys involved in the big feast? Try putting them in charge of the thankfulness.  As each guest enters on the big day, have the kids ask them to write down one or two things they’re most thankful for.  I love using patterned, 3″ origami paper. Once the blank side has been inscribed, it’s up to the kids to roll each piece and tie on a ribbon, so we end up with a bowl full of mini-scrolls.

Then during the meal, the bowl is passed around and every guest opens one (or two) and reads what’s written on it.

No origami paper handy? There’s always the old standby Thanksgiving Hand Tree. Have the kids trace and cut out their hands beforehand, and ask each guest to use one or two “leaves” to record what he or she is thankful for. Tape or glue the leaves to a painted tree trunk for a meaningful and handsome (sorry!) decoration.

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