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blood suckers

Attack of the Blood Suckers at the Children’s Museum of Houston

September 27, 2011 / Events

Just in time for Halloween the Children’s Museum of Houston has launched its creepy exhibit called the Attack of the Bloodsuckers!, a new, skin-crawling exhibit through January 22, 2012. You’re invited to discover the biological wonders of sanguinivores (creatures that eat blood) through encounters with live species and interactive exhibits. Activities that may give you the heebie-jeebies but your  kids will love include:

• Look at live loathsome leeches and their mouths.
• Feel a giant tick “grow” on you.
• Get in the diver’s seat and cruise the skies in search of dinner in the “mosquito cockpit.”
• Pull off your socks and test your bug-appealing foot odor.
• Get itchy and knotty with the life-size game of “Twitcher” — a buggy variation on Twister™!

We’ll sit this one out but would love to hear how your visit went!